Toxic Lipstick + My Favorite Natural Lipstick

Finding a great lipstick that isn’t full of unsafe toxic ingredients can be hard, especially if you want something that doesn’t smell like herbs, but instead looks & feels like proper lipstick. Despite carefully examining the ingredients on lipsticks, I always feel like it is near impossible to decipher if what I’m looking at is good or bad. Especially after recently learning that a common ingredient, often listed under good looking names, such as antioxidant 30 & antioxidant 4, really is code for BHT. BHT is a highly toxic substance that, aside from being linked to cancer, is known to cause irritation, allergic reactions while also interfering with our natural hormone balance.

Methylparaben is another reason to avoid, or limit, exposure to certain lipsticks. Present in many lipsticks in the US, methylparaben is hard to spot as it is often a ‘hidden’ ingredient, meaning it is not actually on the ingredient list. It acts as a synthetic preservative and is restricted throughout most of Europe due to evidence that it is linked to cancer.

Hemp Organics Warm Shine
Warm Shine by Hemp Organics


So after trying to hunt down a good quality, natural alternative to my regular (toxic) lipsticks, I found a favorite!

My No.1 lipstick at the moment is Warm Shine by Hemp Organics I’m so thrilled to have found this! It gives a great & natural look and is moisturizing without being petroleum based. It has significantly less alarming ingredients, and is made from certified organic hemp seed oil, natural pigments & plant-derived emollient waxes. All Hemp Organics lipsticks are also free of synthetic preservatives (NO methylparaben) & gluten and have not been tested on animals.

Click here to view all the different Hemp Organics lipsticks 

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