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Moisturising Hand + Foot Scrub

Moisturising Hand + Foot Scrub

I love a good make-it-yourself natural skin care product and this moisturising hand + foot scrub is an essential for when the sun comes out to play. The weather in London has been absolutely glorious this week and my feet are currently loving this super moisturising and conditioning scrub. […]

Nourishing Body Butter

Nourishing Body Butter

Meet the moisturiser that changed my life! And get ready to be blown away by how quickly you can whip up your own batch of your new favourite moisturiser, so natural you can eat it… With cooler temperatures approaching, dry skin is inevitable – especially if […]

Nyoutritious Beauty Summer Essentials

Nyoutritious Beauty Summer Essentials

Summer is approaching, slowly but surely here in London, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite summer beauty essentials…

My skin care routine is pretty simple and involves a lot of dry skin brushinghomemade body scrubs, castile soaps & natural oils, which have replaced all other moisturisers in our home (read more about how natural oils benefit your skin here). However, when it comes to nail polishes and facial sunscreens, good quality and natural products can be hard to come by. My list below includes some of my current summer favourites…


Beach Hair Spray

Beachy hair with an effortless undone look is a favourite summer look. You can easily make an all-natural beach hair spray yourself (DYI recipe here), but if you’re not the DYI type I highly recommend Bumble & Bumbles Surf Spray, which is nothing short of amazing.

SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defense (SPF 50)

This product is one of the newest additions to my skin care regimen and it is a winner. I was a little sceptical at first, but wanted to try it as I’ve been far too slack on the spf front over the past couple of years. I hate how many regular sunscreens and facial spf lotions leave a thick and sticky feel – and this product is the exact opposite. It is thin, almost serum-like in consistency, and absorbs within minutes. Though it isn’t completely natural, I prefer this to many natural sunscreens because of its amazing consistency and protection…. so I go for this on my face and then use natural sunscreens on the rest of my body. For more on natural sunscreens and which toxic ingredients to avoid, check out my post healthy sunscreens.

Karma Organic Spa “Roadside Wildflowers” Nail Polish

When it comes to natural and less toxic nail polish brands… (because, let’s face it, no nail polish is completely natural and free of toxins), Karma Organic wins my vote. It is easy to apply, not too runny and free of tolulene, formaldehyde and DBP – also known as the toxic trio. Karma Organic’s polishes are non-yellowing, safe for pregnant women & kids and are not tested on animals – plus the packaging is 100% recyclable. You won’t regret trying this one!

Pukka Organic Rose Water Hydrating Mist

This refreshing mist is great for hydrating the skin on hot summer days. Rose water also makes an amazing natural skin tonic as part of your daily skin care regimen and has been a favourite of mine for years. It smells divine and can be found in most health food stores as well as some pharmacies. You can get different brands but this one from Pukka with a spray top makes application easy and practical.

Jane Iredale PureGloss “Beach Plum ” Lip Gloss

Nourishing and lasting lip glosses are not easy to find but Jane Iredale’s lip gloss collection is fantastic. With a great selection of fresh natural summer colours, all of her PureGloss lip glosses are free of petroleum based ingredients and include avocado oil and moringa butter to help condition and support healthy looking lips. They are also vegan and free of gluten. (For more information on harmful ingredients found in lipstick and glosses check out my post toxic lipstick).

Happy Summer!