Simple Nutrition Boost – Activate Your Nuts

Sometimes the smallest thing has the potential to make the biggest difference. Soaking my nuts have been one of those small choices that have truly made a difference for me and I love sharing this tip. It is such a great & simple way to boost the nutrition & overall quality of nuts & seeds.

Be extra careful about soaking nuts & seeds covered in brown skin, since these varieties have higher levels of the enzyme inhibitors, phytic & oxalic acids that prevent optimal assimilation of nutrients & interfere with digestion

Nuts are full of good nutrition and when you think about it… one nut contains all the nutrition needed to grow an entire nut tree. The one problem, however, is that nuts also contain toxic substances. These include enzyme inhibitors, phytic & oxalic acids, that in nature protect them against bacteria, fungi & insects, but when consumed interfere with digestion and prevent proper absorption of the nutrients
Soaking nuts decreases these toxic substances and is like a key that unlocks the full nutritional potential of the nuts while also boosting the digestive qualities, making them easier for the body to process & absorb. Soaking also allows the process of sprouting to begin, which boosts the vitamin, mineral & enzyme content significantly. All in all, by soaking you end up with less toxins and more nutrition for every nut you eat!

How To Soak & Dry

Not all nuts & seeds have the same amount of toxins. As a simple rule of thumb, nuts & seeds that have a brown skin (almonds, walnuts, pecans etc) are said to have the highest levels of toxins, while white nuts (macadamia, pine nuts, white sesame seeds) are known to have the lowest amount. I tend to soak them all anyway, but for varying amount of time. White nuts/seeds – anywhere between 20 min – 2 hours & brown nuts – between 3 hours – overnight.

Simply cover your nuts in filtered water and leave for the desired amount of time. During the soaking you’ll notice the water goes brown as the toxins are released (especially in nuts/seeds with brown skin). I like to drain and rinse a couple of times during the soaking process but this is not a must. When the soaking is done, rinse thoroughly before drying them. Drying is a good idea as it, aside form giving them a nice crispy texture, also prevents the formation mold, which can occur if the nuts are left moist for more than 4-5 days. That said, they will usually last up to four day in the fridge and if you know you’re going to use them they will be fine to leave without drying. Drying can be done in a dehydrator or a regular oven. Simply place the nuts in a tray in an oven or dehydrator heated to 40-50 degrees celcius (100-120 F) until they are completely dry & crisp. This can, depending on the oven, take anywhere between 3-7 hours and although it sounds like a lot of time it is a very low maintenance process – and a well worth process, leaving you with a lot of good nutrition.


Reader Feedback: What are your favorite nuts? And do you tend to soak them?

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