How Dry Skin Brushing Improves Your Skin

Dry skin brushing is one of the best tips I ever got and has been a part of my daily skin routine for a couple of years now. It is beneficial on so many levels and a very simple and inexpensive way to improve the overall health & look of our skin. Summer is the perfect time to start and I find that it is so much easier to remember doing it daily during the warmer months where I’m not rugged up in winter clothes all day.


Unlike many cosmetic procedures & skin care products, dry skin brushing works with our entire body by stimulating our circulatory systems (blood & lymph) as well as our major detox organs, which effectively aid our body’s ability to detoxify and keep our skin healthy. And best of all, it only involves a brush…

Cleanses our skin 
Dirt, dust & chemicals from the environment around us accumulate in our skin every day and can easily clog our pores and lead to irritated and dull looking skin that isn’t cleaned properly by simply showering. Dry brushing is great as it effectively opens the pores, removes dead skin cells, unclogs and cleanses the pores and follicles in our skin while also stimulating the regeneration of new skin cells. Clean and unclogged pores allow our skin to breathe much better, which in turn gives our skin a more radiant and fresh glow. It also helps increase skin firmness, making this a great and natural anti-age super tip. 

Stimulating circulation & lymph system
Dry brushing stimulates our circulation & lymph, which boosts the body’s ability to detox and eliminate toxins through the skin and major detox organs, such as the liver, kidneys & lungs.

Reducing cellulite
Reducing cellulite is sometimes said to be impossible, but I can testify that that is not always true. Since I started dry brushing I have seen watched it happen. Since being pregnant, then losing all the baby weight and being left with a little extra “uneven skin”, as I like to call it, I have again noticed how it has disappeared as I got diligent about skin brushing every day. The reason it helps is because the brushing movements helps break up and redistribute fat deposits more evenly in the thigh/butt area, where many women tend to have a little extra fatty tissue available for storage. Many experts also recommend dry brushing for stretch marks, and while I haven’t been able to try that one for myself, it’s definitely worth a try. Just give it time, be diligent with doing it once or twice a day every day for a few weeks and watch it happen.

Getting the right brush…

A soft brush made from natural plant bristles, not synthetic bristles, is best. These are typically pretty easy to find in a health food store or online. Bodecare and Yerba Prima have great quality skin brushes with plant bristles.

How to brush…

The way you brush is important too and should always be done from the peripherals (toes & fingers) towards the heart. Use long sweeping gentle strokes or circular motions, rather than scrubbing. It’s amazing how little it takes to effectively stimulate the circulation so don’t go nuts. It is always best to shower right after as showering will help rinse off the dirt and dead skin cells the brushing has loosened. After showering, feed your skin with a nourishing body oil, such as jojoba, almond or extra virgin coconut, as these will be readily absorbed by the skin after brushing.

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