Hello 2015 + 5 Healthy Tips To Start The New Year


Happy 2015! After an amazing month in Australia I am back on european soil, ready and excited for the year ahead. I’m a little late with my 1st post of the year since we ended up having an unexpected web-cation as we lost all connection to the internet during the last two weeks in Australia. Despite the inconvenience (especially when relying on the web for interacting with friends + family around the world), it was actually also pretty nice and incredibly relaxing to be without for a while.

Well, I’ve settled into my favourite spot in our home, armed with a double shot of espresso and a sparkling water, and enjoying the peace while my two super jet-lagged children are fast asleep. At the totally wrong time of the day, of course. But I’m gonna roll with it for now and savour these sweet sweet moments while pondering this new year. While I’ve never been a fan of new year resolutions, I do like starting a new year with a few goals that I want to remind myself of and hold on to. This year one of those goals is to be more intentional. More intentional with my kids, my friendships and my days in general. I find that more than ever, I need to be intentional and realistic with my time in order to do the things I set out to do and be the person I want to be. Routine and chores can easily become all consuming, but even in this season with little kids that need lots of attention at all times, I refuse to neglect other important areas of life. I never want to stop dating my husband and have romantic and regular date nights together. Nor do I ever want to stop having girlfriend catch ups and continuing to build friendships that are important to me and make me a better person all round. And lastly, I want to prioritise time for myself where I can cook, exercise, read and grow in who I am as a woman. Sometimes that means starting dinner prep at 10am so I have free time while both kids are sleeping. Other times it means scheduling a date night and making a reservation 3 weeks out to make sure its gonna happen. Whatever it is, being intentional requires calculated efforts and prioritising.

On the note of being intentional, many of us tend to have health related goals when entering a new year. Unfortunately, many new years resolutions tend to be restrictive and unrealistic, and therefore last only a couple of weeks. Below I have included 5 simple and very realistic healthy new year kick starters for those of you who feel like boosting your health this year.

1. Incorporate smoothies into your day. Smoothies make an amazing breakfast for those who are short on time in the morning. They are energising, easy to digest and easily made healthy. There are an abundance of smoothie recipes on the web, but I recommend sticking to recipes that involve lots of greens. I love starting my day with my cleansing GLOW Smoothie. This smoothie, first thing in the morning, is amazing, refreshing and great for your insides. As a general rule of thumb when making smoothies, I only use 1 piece of fruit to sweeten it and use plenty of lemon and lime juice to help sweeten without all the sugar.

2. Add filling omega 3 rich chia seeds to your foods. Oatmeal, yogurt, salads and smoothies… chia seeds are great on many things and help satisfy you while providing lots of beneficial soluble fibre that have cleansing effects on your digestive system.

3. Quit sugar. It is common to crave more sweets after the holidays and the best thing you can do is to nip the cravings in the butt as early as possible by cutting out all refined sugars. Not only will cutting out sugars benefit your overall wellbeing, it will also benefit your gut health, digestion, mood and your weight.

4. Stock up on healthy nibble foods. I like to have cut up veggie sticks in the fridge at all times for when I get peckish and need something to chew on in between meals. My favourite nibbles include cut up celery, carrot and bell peppers stored in a large glass bowl filled with water to keep them fresh. Chia seed crackers and raw almonds and brazil nuts are great options too. If you feel like raw veggie sticks are too bland on their own, have them with a tablespoon or two of hummus or other dip.

5. Experiment with different herbal teas. There are so many flavoursome herbal teas and many of them have powerful medicinal benefits. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your immune system, improving your digestion or stabilising blood sugar levels, there’s a herbal tea for it! A current favourite of mine is cinnamon tea, which is amazing for stabilising blood sugar levels and reducing sugar cravings. Its especially perfect for colder weather and is amazingly warming. Aid your digestion by having a peppermint, ginger, liquorice or fennel tea with or after your meal.

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3 Responses to Hello 2015 + 5 Healthy Tips To Start The New Year

  1. Dori says:

    Thank you for sharing! Smoothie resolution sounds manageable 🙂 . when you soak your carrot & pepper stick, how long you can keep then in water for to remain fresh? Thanks x

  2. kacey says:

    so so good, regina 🙂 great to have you back on european soil and loved hearing a little bit of your beautiful heart in this post. i like the smoothie/juice challenge!

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