Favourite Picks: October

I want to introduce the first of my new “Favourite Picks” series. This series will each month feature a few of my current favourite things relevant to a healthy life and be a good mix of skincare and household products, foods, recipes and whatever else I feel like is something I’d recommend to people in my life.

October Favourites

october fav

 1. Amisa Organic Buckwheat Crispbreads

Made from just buckwheat these tasty little crisps are amazing with nut butter, nut cheese or avocado and are also my little son’s favourite snack at the moment. No sweeteners, additives or other hidden nasties, but easy, gluten free and very tasty snacks.

2. Squooshi Refillable Baby Food Pouches

I wish I’d known about these when my son was younger. These handy DIY baby food pouches are amazing for when you’re on the go or traveling and best of all, allows you to know for sure what exactly your baby is eating. I’ve often wondered about the “100% natural” store bought pouches with a shelf life of 3 years… something doesn’t add up. Puree your own fruit & veggies and use these again and again. Not as convenient, but a lot healthier for your bub and a major money saver as well.

3. Nourish Organic Body Butter

Fall weather means colder weather and drier skin. This rich and creamy body butter made from nourishing shea butter, coconut oil & sunflower seed oil is absolutely wonderful. It is extremely moisturizing and smells divine. Try applying this to your body & hands at night before bed. Your skin will feel amazing in the morning.

4. Ecover ZERO Washing Powder

Made from plant based and mineral ingredients, this completely biodegradable laundry powder is one of my favourite non-toxic laundry powders. If you’re not up for making your own, which in all honestly i’m not at the moment, this is a great alternative without all the common toxins and irritants. Gentle on your clothes and your skin, this powder is free from phosphates, optic brighteners, chlorine & fragrances, contains no colouring or dying agents and scores second lowest (“B”) on the EWG’s Database, making it my go-to branded laundry powder at the moment. And it is one of the few I feel good about using for all my son’s laundry too. A definite hit!

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