What is your food philosophy?

I don’t label myself as following any specific diet, but I do enjoy primarily plant based foods, as I believe these are the foods that nourish my body the best possible way. Not only do plant foods – I’m talking vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs, nut & seeds and some whole grains – comprise a plethora of perfect nutrients, such as essential vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants, but they also support the overall health of every cell, body system and function. Instead of focusing on any one diet and on all the things to avoid, I prefer focusing on all the healthy foods we ought to eat more of, and using them to out-crowd processed, sugar-laden, low quality foods that are void of good nutrition. Focusing on what to eat, rather than what to avoid, makes it far easier not to feel deprived and limited. And when you discover healthy foods you enjoy that also make you feel amazing – long term lifestyle changes will naturally happen. And nothing tastes better or oozes more confidence than feeling amazing in your own skin!

As for protein, I highly recommend quality over quantity. By this I mean good quality grass fed meats and wild caught fish. Getting in touch with a local farm that delivers meat to your area or sell at a local farmers market is a great way to get good quality animal products without completely blowing your food budget. Pasture raised meats that come from animals that have actually been able to graze and move around, like they were always meant to (remember, you eat what you eat eats!) are naturally healthier and more nutritious than meats from grain and corn-fed animals.

Why do you not provide calorie information for your recipes?

I do not provide this information, as I don’t encourage calorie counting. I am a big believer in focusing on nutritional quality rather than calories, as I don’t believe all calories are equal. An avocado, for instance, has a similar calorie count to a chocolate bar, but the two are vastly different when it comes to their nutritional quality and impact on the body. Moreover, I think focusing on how food nourishes your body leads to an overall healthier relationship with food – and it allows you to properly enjoy your food. Approaching healthy eating from a point of focusing on nutritional quality completely changes the perspective.

What is your best beauty advice?

That beauty is not just what you see, but what you believe about yourself. And just like with food – what goes in, shows on the outside. My grand mother also taught me that the more you look in the mirror, the less attractive you become. (Ha, I love her!)

What cup size do you use?

I use a standard U.S. cup size (1 cup = 240 mL) but try to include ml and gm measurements as well, as I know many European countries don’t use “cups” as a form of measurement.

Do you recommend taking nutritional supplements?

I believe all supplements are very much secondary to foods, as the health benefits provided by a healthy diet far outweigh even the best nutritional supplements on the market. I do take a food-based multivitamin regularly as well as a good quality probiotic for optimal gut health, but ultimately I believe that nutritional supplements are a very individual thing and always encourage people to see a nutritionist who can help guide them.

What kitchen equipment do you use?

I take a very minimalist approach when it comes to equipment in my kitchen. I’m all about versatile and easy-to-use kitchen equipment and don’t actually have that much stuff in my kitchen, but everything I do have I use often and usually for a variety of things. My favourite kitchen appliance is without a doubt my Vitamix, which I use every single day for so many different things (smoothies, nut butters, nut milks, dressings and baking). Other favourites include my food processor, hand held mandoline vegetable slicer, and my ceramic dutch oven, which is perfect for soups & stews.




Big thanks to photopgrapher Slavyana Zinovyeva. And to Brompton Food Market for allowing us to use their amazing space located in the heart of South Kensington.

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