5 Simple Tips For a Healthier and Greener Lifestyle


  • Buy grass-fed beef & go for organic poultry & eggs. It is more expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for and personally I would rather have less, but good quality meat without the added hormone derivatives. Incorporating meatless alternatives once or twice a week will likely help make up for any extra costs. Natural
  • Don’t reuse plastic bottles more than a couple of times after you buy them. Aside from high levels of accumulating bacteria, small plastic particles can break down and leak toxic compounds into the water you drink, especially when washed with hot water. Health foods stores have ample selections of BPA free bottles, which are great and can be reused just fine. A personal favorite is Blender Bottle
  • Buy wild caught fish rather than farmed. Aside from supporting a greener environment, you’re getting a leaner & healthier fish. You’ll be able to tell the difference just by looking at the color by comparing a farmed to a piece of wild salmon. The wild salmon is bright pink with fewer white streaks… makes sense being as the wild salmon has more opportunity to swim around properly (…as fish are supposed to).
  • Be careful with what you put on your skin as many skincare products contain harmful contaminants & toxins. Use natural plant-based skincare products & natural oils to moisturize & cleanse instead as your body readily absorb the harsh chemicals in personal care products. Read more about this here; Nourish Your Skin and check out my post on natural cleaning products as well.
  • Store your leftovers, nuts, oats & other cupboard items in Mason Jars instead of plastic containers, which can leach toxins into your food. Mason jars are perfect for storage & very versatile. I store my almond milk, bircher muesli & have a whole cupboard full jars filled with nuts, spice mixes and the like. They are completely safe and will last you years. Get them here. If you want to use plastic, be sure your containers are BPA free.

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